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Excess Baggage

We are excess luggage specialist, if you are travelling and carrying plenty of suitcases, boxes, rolls and many personal effects more than your allowance, you are most likely levied with sky-high charges by the carrier. Whether you are just one person or more or even a family juggling too many bags whilst travelling just take your total allowance and we ship the rest for you, saving you all the hassle for fraction of the cost. Simply track your shipment online and collect it from the same destination airport you are travelling to. Our advise always is; this is the best mode of travelling and the cost saving is tremendous

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Excess luggage shipment is up to destination airport only and does not include destination airport fees such as airline handling, storage charges and taxes if required. These destination charges if applicable must be paid by the consignee when collecting shipment from the destination airport

We can also courier your baggages and goodies to your home or hotel room wherever you are in the world. If your destination is not listed on our website, please fill in the form on this page and we will get back to you with quote

25% discount on all airport to airport rates to international students

25% discount on all airport to airport rates to international students

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